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Roland Juno-Gi 61-Key Synthesizer

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Roland Juno-Gi 61-Key Synthesizer

Easy-to-Navigate Sound Bank

Gigging musicians need to be able to navigate the JUNO-Gi fast. Roland's Tone Category buttons and value dial help you scan the vast library of 1,300 useful and current sounds. Just press the buttons for Rhythm, Piano, Keyboard/Organ, Bass, Guitar/Plucked, Strings/Orchestra, Brass/Wind, Vocal/Choir, Synth/Pad, or FX. There's also room to save up to 256 of your own custom sounds by stacking or splitting up to four tones in a "Live Set," with visual confirmation on the JUNO-Gi's large display. Save your ten go-to sounds, splits, or layers, then hit the Favorite button to access them quickly during a show.

Effects and Expression Controls

Let the guitarists of the world lug around their massive pedalboards -- the JUNO-Gi has all the effects processing you need right on board. From delay and dynamics to distortion and amp-simulation, 79 built-in multi-effects cover all the bases. Layer chorus, reverb, and any two multi-effects at a time, and twist the six analog-style control knobs in the Sound Modify section to adjust EQ, reverb mix, low-pass filter cutoff, and resonance on the fly. You can use two assignable buttons to bypass effects, turn layers on and off, and more. And since it's designed for live performance, the JUNO-Gi comes equipped with Roland's combination pitch bend/modulation lever, plus the show-stopping D-Beam controller, which senses your hand's proximity to control volume, vibrato, filter cutoff, and more. This board is all about tactile control of your sound.

Under 13 Pounds

Who wants to schlep a heavy workstation from gig to gig? At under 13 pounds, and only about 40 inches wide, the JUNO-Gi is an incredibly full-featured instrument that's also incredibly easy to move. Roland calls the JUNO-Gi a "mobile synthesizer," and it's not hard to see why: it can actually run on eight AA batteries for three hours. There's a battery-life indicator on the front panel. Grab an 1/4-inch instrument cable, a keyboard stand, and a battery-powered amp (like a Pignose or the Roland Mobile Cube), and you're good to go for a live street performance -- no power required.

A Songwriting Scratchpad

What really sets the JUNO-Gi apart from its little brother, the JUNO-Di, is its on-board digital audio recorder -- perfect for the songwriter who wants to capture ideas anytime the inspiration strikes. With the JUNO-Gi's extreme portability and battery-power, you can now track quickie demos in the hotel room after the gig! Record the JUNO-Gi's onboard sounds directly, or plug in any source: there's a phantom-powered XLR microphone input, a 1/4-inch Hi-Z input for a guitar or bass, a stereo line input, and even a USB port for digital audio from your computer. The JUNO-Gi can handle two tracks of simultaneous recording and eight tracks of playback, with a special ninth track reserved for built-in rhythm patterns. You can even insert any of the 79 multi-effects on your tracks, or apply global reverb, compression, limiting and EQ to the entire mix. Record up to 192 hours on a 32 GB SDHC card, then transfer your tracks and mixes to your computer via an SD card reader. The JUNO-Gi records 44.1 kHz/16-bit WAV files that you can import into any DAW, and it even comes bundled with Cakewalk Sonar LE to get you started right away.


- 1,300 useful sounds optimized for live performance
- 79 built-in multi-effects derived from the Boss GT series
- D-Beam controller and modulation/pitch bend lever
- Large LCD display, Tone Category buttons, and dedicated knobs for extreme ease of use
- Lightweight and compact - under 13 pounds
- 8-track digital recorder with instrument, microphone, and line inputs
- High-capacity SDHC card slot for hours of recording time
- Works as a standalone 44.1 kHz/24-bit USB audio interface with your computer

Power Supply: DC 9V (Included)